The scope of this thematic area is to identify the shipping market opportunities for large length FRP vessels and the development of a business plan for the successful implementation of FIBRESHIP solution. Furthermore, specifications satisfying the end-users requirements and needs will be defined for the three concept vessels undertaken in the project.

In order to ensure the accomplishment of the objectives defined for this thematic area, including the financial feasibility and the economical advantage of using FRP comparing to traditional ships, the following activities are proposed:

  • Current market analysis
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages
  • Initial market exploitation plan
  • Application to a containership, a ROPAX and a FRV (Fishing Research Vessel).
  • FIBRESHIP business monitoring
  • Cost-Benefit calculator of fibre-based vessels considering building, operating and dismantling processes.
  • Definition of a global business plan and a roadmap of composites adoption in European Shipping Market.