FIBRESHIP intends to solve the different technical challenges raised by large-length FRP vessels by applying the expertise provided by the partners involved in the project and adapting the knowledge obtained from other industrial fields to the maritime sector.

This thematic area is expected to bring the necessary information to create a catalogue of materials and manufacture techniques for approaching the design and the appropriate construction methodologies for FIBRESHIP. Furthermore, material regulatory documents will be generated through the conception, identification, and assessment of new fibre-based materials and techniques, including joining solutions.

The selected composite materials will be tested for their mechanical characterization, enabling the use of software simulation tools. In addition, this characterization will reach failure modes due to delamination, fatigue and fire performance.

Relating to the manufacturing methodology, one of the main challenges of FIBRESHIP is to ensure the integrity of bonding between structures. The selection of joining techniques for marine applications must be adjusted to shipyards requirements and be suitable for the construction of modular large length ships in fibre systems.