Shipping Market Analysis

The internal work in FIBRESHIP is subdivided in workpackages, nevertheless for a better understanding of the way to address the project, four thematic areas have been defined. These areas include the activities of those workpackages that develops theoretical and practical activities

Technical and Quality Coordination (TQC) Teams

FIBRESHIP brings together disciplines that do not traditionally cooperate closely. In order to foster cooperation and promote interoperability, the technical coordination of the project will be implemented through four coordination teams following the work‐package structure:

  • Shipping Market and Business Analysis team, integrated by DANAOS, ANEK, FOINIKAS, IEO and ATEKNEA, will coordinate the innovation management and business modelling across all partners and work‐packages.
  • Materials, Components and Modelling team, consisted of COMPASS, CIMNE, TWI, VTT and ULIM, will coordinate the evaluation, selection and implementation of the different solutions of materials and components. This TQC will also coordinate the validation of the modelling solutions to be developed.
  • Design and Engineering team integrated by TSI, COMPASS, SOERMAR, LLOYDS, BV and RINA. This TQC will coordinate the detailed definition, requirements, execution, and evaluation of the ship concepts to be elaborated, and will ensure the maintenance of uniform regulatory criterion along with the different design and engineering tasks of the project. The TQC will also take responsibility for the definition of the testing procedures and software specifications.
  • Production and Life Cycle Management team integrated by TUCO, iXblue, NAVREP, LLOYDS, BV, RINA and TSI, will be responsible of the coordination of those activities related to production and life cycle management across the different tasks of the project.