Sorted by Thematic Areas:

Materials, Components and Modelling team

  • Selection methodology of FRP materials for marine application.
  • Small scale material tests results.
  • Catalogue of applicable materials & joining techniques recommended by Classification Societies.

Design and Engineering

  • Validated coupled numerical tools for composite-based vessels design (considering structure, seakeeping and fire).
  • Structural design report for each vessel category.
  • Project guidelines for design and certification of large-length vessels in FRP materials based on fire and structure performance criteria.
  • Design and building of a fishing research vessel block as a demonstrator of the findings reached.

Production and Life Cycle Management

  • Classification Societies guidance notes regarding production strategies and assembly sequencing recommendations as well as shipyard adaptation analysis.
  • Guidelines on innovative inspection, monitoring and maintenance procedures.
  • Analysis of waste management during fibre-based vessel construction.
  • Decision support tool on life-cycle performance.

Shipping Market and Business Analysis

  • Cost-benefit calculator development considering construction, life cycle and dismantling of the vessel.
  • Global business plan of FIBRESHIP solution.
  • Initial specification definition of the targeted vessels.
  • End-users assessment and roadmap of FRP adoption in European shipping market.
  • Engagement of companies to FIBRESHIP approach and promotion of new regulatory frameworks to allow the use of FRP in large-length ships all over the world.