FIBRESHIP new designs analysis have proved that a significant weight reduction is possible applying FRP materials to large length vessels. In one of the vessels this effect has reached almost a 70% of structural weight reduction with respect to the reference steel-based vessel. This reduction may lead to the following advantages:

  • Thanks to the reduction of water resistance and power plant needs:

              – Significant fuel savings according to the lesser underwater surface                                   and draught.

              – Reduction of greenhouse gases

  • Increase of payload cargo capacity to cover the reduction of structural weight, which may result in more revenues from freights and better use of the vessel available capacity.

Other relevant benefits of the FIBRESHIP solution are the following ones:

  • Better fairing solutions for the constructed hull thanks to the adaptability of the composites reaching difficult shape geometries and avoiding hull discontinuities which may increase drag resistance and therefore, fuel consumption.
  • Hull shapes and vessel superstructures can be designed and manufactured aesthetically more appealing, giving arise eye-catching designs and a better option for sea-loving tourists.
  • Operating and maintenance cost reduction, resulting in life cycle costs savings thanks to the non-corrosion of the structure.
Benefits reduction fibreship